MMORPG「TERA」の北米・ヨーロッパ版では、アイテム強化とアイテム封印に関する仕様が大幅に変更される可能性があることが、EnMasse Entertainmentの公式フォーラムで明らかになった。

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TERA 北米公式サイト

Improved Enchanting
Certain items can be enchanted in TERA to increase its effectiveness. The change we will be implementing is the removal of the chance that an unsuccessful enchanting attempt will decrease the item’s enchantment level. This means once you earn that enchant level it is yours to keep. In order to offset this change we have introduced 3 tiers of Alkahest powders: one for enchant +1 to +6, one for +7 to +9 and one for +10 to +12. Obviously the cost of powders will be increased at each tier. Our goal here was to keep the cost for getting these items similar but remove the frustrations that random numbers can cause and let you keep what you have already earned.

Improved Unsealing
In TERA, you can receive random attributes by unsealing an unidentified item. Then the item can be re-sealed and unsealed again until you receive the attributes you want. We are adding the ability to ‘lock’ the desired attributes earned from Identifying Enigmatic items. This lets you change the attributes you choose while letting you keep the ones you want. You can repeat the process until you receive all 3 or 4 attributes you wish. This should help eliminate the frustration felt of getting that exact combo you want on your items.